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    As well as the harvest benefit of gardening, there are so many benefits that go beyond simple produce.

    With growing concerns about various chemicals used in the food and their effects, there is a high demand for organic produce. Additionally, fresh vegetables are 50% higher in nutrients than vegetables grown out of state or country and shipped to the store. When you have your own garden you can ensure that your family gets fresh food that is thoroughly safe and is as “farm to table” as you can get!


    Gardening is an excellent form of exercise and includes both cardio and aerobic exercise. Research shows that you can burn up to 300-400 calories an hour with moderate gardening which is equivalent to about a 30 min gym routine. Gardening requires various poses with stretches, muscle tension and walking movements that all add up to a serious workout while tending to your patch.


    With the cost of food, especially organic produce is going up, a garden allows for fresh and great tasting organically grown food at a fraction of the price.


    Teaching children to garden gives them immeasurable life skills of independence and sustainability while encouraging them to eat more vegetables as well. The daily activity in the garden can become excellent family time that encourages team building and responsibilities.


    When you have your hand in the dirt and take a small seed and gently nurture it to grow into food for your family, there is a heightened sense of connection with nature, and the planet. Growing a garden is helping to reduce your carbon footprint, taking the GMO aspect out of the food you give your family and gives the soil a boost back of nitrogen when the compost is mulched in the fall.

With a cleaner, healthier vegetable, the money-saving opportunity, the sun and exercise you will receive and the wonderful bonding your family will Ecovalley "Ready-2-Grow" garden is the choice for you. 

 - raised garden construction

 - all natural Red Cedar

 - nutrient rich soil

 - personalized vegetable plantings

 - optional automatic watering

complete "ready-2-grow" garden includes:

Beautiful all natural Red Cedar raised complete "Ready-2-Grow" garden.


8' x 8' model offering 45 ft  of grow space

perfect for a family of 4

(other sizes available for larger families)

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