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holiday lights


Holiday lighting is a great way to add warmth, color and some life to an otherwise drab winter landscape. While the lights do look amazing, putting them up can be very labor-intensive and dangerous. Here are some key factors to consider when thinking about holiday lighting.


It's cold out there - Putting lights up and taking them down can take hours each time, and it is cold during December in Wisconsin.


Ladders can be dangerous - Multiple trips up and down a ladder to put lights up and taking them back down, both times with the chance of snow on the ground, can be a very dangerous task.


Achieving the right look - Getting a look that stands out from the homes around it can be difficult, time-consuming and in some cases, the use of special heavy equipment to reach the high spots safely is required.


Lights always seem to tangle - Untangling lights is unarguably one of the worst holiday tasks. No matter how neatly they were organized the year before, they somehow still end up in a big tangled mess.


Bulbs will break - Eventually, a bulb will break or burn out, whether it's during storage or while they are up on the house, replacement of the lights can be a pain.


All those lights take up space - For the 10+ months that the lights aren't up on the home, they are taking up space in either the basement or garage.


This year, leave the holiday lights to us and you can enjoy their beauty without any of the hassles or dangers. We will put together a lighting plan that highlights your home's key landscape and architectural features. We use a professional-grade LED light strand that keeps the strand lit even if a bulb breaks. We put the lights up and take them down annually per your requests on the timing of each. Once down, we neatly put the lights into storage totes and they are stored by us in a safe location until they are ready for use the following year. 


Ask about our 5-holiday lighting option to keep your home looking festive all year long!

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