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   Concrete curbing is a popular alternative to plastic, metal or stone edging. Curbing is a great way to highlight the landscaping of your yard while helping to reduce edging and trimming time as a lawn mower wheel can be run directly on the curbing. Because of the weight, curbing acts as a sufficient root barrier between landscape beds and the lawn. With various colors and stamp patterns available there will be no problem finding a style to match your homes look.



sandy bay

door county


   Natural stone edgers are a great option for homeowners who want a professionally finished look to their landscaping while maintaining a rustic and natural look to the landscape beds. The edgers can be installed in a variety of styles including a mower edge style to help reduce edging and trimming time. Because of the weight, natural stone edgers act as a sufficient root barrier between landscape beds and the lawn. Our beautiful natural stone edgers are from local quarries and available in Sandy Bay or Door County Grey.

   Vinyl and Natural edging options are also available. Vinyl edging is a good option for homeowners who want a finished look to their landscaping while on a budget. Vinyl edging provides a clean appearance but over time can be prone to cracking, especially in cold climates. The width of the vinyl edging also doesn't provide as adequate of a root barrier as natural stone or curbing options. Natural edging is a trench cut into the sod used to create an edge for landscape beds. The trench is then backfilled with the landscape bed materials, a stone is not recommended with the natural edge as there is no way to stop the stone from eventually getting into the lawn. Natural edge is a very rustic and cost-effective edging option, however, there is no root barrier with this option. With either vinyl or natural options, edging and trimming time will be increased as a mower could possibly damage the edging if it gets hit.





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